About MPS

Milind Public School was founded in the year 2003 by a group of well known professionals and scholars with the aim of bringing revolutionary changes in the field of education by giving quality education at an affordable cost.

Knowledge is power

Every drop of Knowledge arising out of Milind, descending down to every individual student is divine. Here every student gets to know their own self in a better way and is taught not only the education but reality and how to consider each person in their own life.

Chairman’s Message

Chairman S Mariswamy IPS

Dear Parents and Children,

Milind Public School is in existence for more than a decade. During this period it has added students, classrooms, lab, library, Sports and Cultural activities and grown from strength to strength. The basic commitment and strength of the school is to bring up the average child to newer heights with good teaching and supportive environment. The results of the 10th standard in the previous year’s more than bears out this truth.

A school is like a child taking its first steps. It is a joy to watch, and thrill to be associated. Kindly join us in this effort.

With warm wishes,


Principal’s Message

Principal Vijayalakshmi Madam

Milind Public School is an institution with feelings. It has built a campus culture that makes it a caring community, a place where the students are respected, cared for and bonded to culture that makes it a caring community, a place where the students are respected, cared for and bonded to classmates, teachers and the school itself.

We believe that students come first and every student can succeed. Our vision is to focus on all students achieving educational excellence, through a rich curriculum and respectful atmosphere. By building on a strong sense of community, inspiring teachers with commitment we prepare our students to become strong participants and leaders.

Milind Public School has the correct ambience for imparting education which is capable of bringing about a series of Human Enfoldment essential for a lifelong education. The massive red brick school plant is located in the green patch and is surrounded by eight acres of land. The sprawling playfields and the encircling belt of trees, the well maintained lawns and gardens that enclose the school structure symbolize the school motto ‘BE YOURSELF’. To know what one should be doing in life is really to discover one’s own true self. Your real is not your physical appearance.

It is in fact the real ‘You’ whom you will find within yourself and who is with you in moments, when nobody else may be with you. This real self is a part of your thoughts about yourself. It has a lot of power. It can make you visualize and create new things. It is your inspiration in life. It is the inner voice which tells you what to write or what to create invent or say. You must always listen to this inner voice and have confidence in its strength. It will come to you involuntarily even when you are not aware of it. If you realize its presence and allow it to develop and grow inside you with your studies and hobbies, then you will build confidence in yourself.