Workshops Programme

Students Workshops

Students workshops provide students with step by step stratagies to improve their study skills, time management skills and organization skills. Life skill classes gives techniques to learn about listening skills, note-taking skills, how to develop a reading strategy, study tips, test preparation tips and test taking strategies. It also develop basic skills acquired through learning and they include creativity, critical thinking, problem – solving, decision making, ability to communicate along with personal and social responsibility that contribute to good citizenship.

Teacher workshop

Teacher creativity workshop is a professional development course for teacher creating a unique experience that combines learning, and association. From different backgrounds where the concept of blended learning is blooming.

“Nothing gets transformed in your life until your mind is transformed.” Keeping this thought in mind and to ensure the progress of the school, it is imperative to keep the teachers well-versed with the changing trends in education and their respective subjects. As part of this endeavour, all the teachers of Milind public School attended the Capacity Building Workshop on Life Skills conducted by CBSE. The highly knowledgeable resource person, Mr. teaching experience of 40 years conducted the workshop. Believing that Experimental Learning should be a part of the curriculum helped the teachers to polish their skills in teaching. He emphasized on the need for Experimental Learning, a strategy to make learning more enjoyable for students. He stated that skills are the abilities that are adaptive as well as positive and this can be learned to face the challenges of life and fulfil the needs. He further familiarized the teachers with the life skills such as Thinking, Emotional and Social skills. He also suggested that these important skills should be inculcated in children with the help of debate, declamation, drama, sports, role plays, article writing, etc. The workshop was creditable and informative. With the help of this workshop, the teachers learnt a lot and also stated that they would surely devise different activities to make ensure a sound teaching-learning experience for the children as well the teachers themselves.