Milind Public School Achiever’s

Below are the Top Academic Achievers of Milind Public School in last 5 yrs. Their passionate dedication towards studies combined with experienced Teacher’s guidance has helped them achieve great academic success and bring good laurels to Milind Public School.

Milind Public School Management staff & Teacher’s wish them Good Luck for their future endeavours.

Achievements:- are the building sense of themselves as a successors.

Interactive teaching methodologies

that engage students and emphasise the enjoyment of the process of learning have yielded amazing results and Grades in tests and exams.

Hard work and focus 

Hard work is one of the most effective tips for achieving success in any field and education. Students who come out with flying colours in examinations have this one trait in common. They stay focused on their studies and put in consistent hours of work daily to grasp the Concepts being taught at school.

Toppers are also known to regularly revise their courses and are sincere in their efforts to understand a subject thoroughly. They are open to asking questions every time when they are in doubt,  they understand the fact that there is no room for ambiguity,if the objective is to score well in board exams.

Passion for learning

Most of the students who have achieved excellence in their classes are usually the ones passionate about their studies.These learners are naturally curious and have a lot of queries. They want to know more in the different subjects being taught and are not shy about asking question. 

According to many toppers, one factor that has helped them get high scores in different examinations is proper planning and time management.

Time management

Toppers are known to set specific measurable relavant and timely goals. They are known to allot study time to subjects depending upon the level of difficulty.

Group Studies

Toppers also do not compare their abilities with others. Instead of looking at what others have done, they are more interested in focusing on their own comprehension.

What are the Advantages of Study Group?

There are many advantages of studying in groups. These advantages make group study the first and foremost choice of some students in exam time. They are described briefly below:

  • Regularity: When the student has to do self-study, it is likely that he will postpone it to some other time just due to laziness. In such a situation, a student who does not like studying will not study properly. But in the case of group study, regularity is maintained. It becomes compulsory for all the members to regularly participate in the discussion organized by the group. In this way, even those students who are unwilling to study will have to study regularly. The group should be disciplined enough that there is no place of excuses for studies from anyone.
  • Better Learning and Understanding: Every student cannot understand all the topics in the syllabus but every student definitely understands some topics of the syllabus. This is the key factor which makes studying in group advantageous for all the students. The can explain the topics which they know properly to the other members of the group. Moreover, during self-study, some topics are so difficult that they could not be understood alone. They require help. This help isis sometimes provided by the study group. In this way, every student gets to know each and every topic of the syllabus. Moreover, students retain in their mind the things they talk about. If they discuss the topics related to their syllabi in the study group, they will retain it in their mind. This nullifies the need for cramming.
  • Different Perspectives: Every student does not think the same. While doing self-study, a student will think only in one single direction. This provides him with limited knowledge only. Moreover, due to thinking in one direction can cause the student to different things to be the same. This ultimately leads to confusion or incorrect knowledge. In the case of group study, the students will discuss with each what their perspectives on the topics are. The thinking ability of all the students is increased in this way. The different possibilities associated with the topics arise in the minds of the students.
  • Makes Learning Enjoyable: while studying for a long time, a student get tired. Self-study usually becomes boring. Sometimes, the students may also fall asleep. But, while studying in a group, learning is not a burden; rather it is a fun task. Students enjoy while discussing the topics and learning becomes way more interesting.
  • Less Stress: Mostly, the students are very tensed before the exams. While studying in groups, the students feel relaxed. The atmosphere becomes lighter. With less stress, there are more chances to succeed in the exams.
  • Enhanced Communication Skills: During a group study, students interact with each other. There is a healthy discussion going amongst them. This discussion boosts their confidence. It also increases their vocabulary. Communication skills of the student are enhanced.

They learn from their mistakes and ensure that these are not repeated again.