Visual Art & Craft

Art education at Milind Public School is designed to develop and nurture student’s creativity. Students broaden the definition of art by engaging in various forms. Starting with the elements of design (line, color, shape, space, texture, etc) students gradually move in depth to the principles of design (balance, pattern, emphasis, contrast, rhythm etc).

Students learn art education through various methods such as drawing, painting, pottery, photography, animation and wood carving. Art History, an important segment of the art curriculum, helps students understand the techniques they will use.


The music program at Milind Public School prepares students to be musically aware, knowledgeable, literate and involved – preparing them to be lifelong participants, learners and supporters of music. In class students are encouraged and enabled to express themsleves musically and respond to music made by others. The goals of the Milind Public School music program include providing a strong foundation in music literacy to each grade level. Students acheive these musical goals through singing, rhythm activities, creative movement, playing instruments, and listening activities.

Hind Poem by Gautami Rani


Milind Public School dance program offers a combination of coordination, strength, flexibility and spatial awareness that are not only the basics for all other sports, but are also skills for life. The curriculum is designed to be progressive, safe, fun, and motivate boys & girls alike. Students are encouraged to strive for both individual and team performances.